Navigating the Topic of Money in Your Church

The following is a summary of Dunham+Company’s founder and chairman Rick Dunham’s session from our 2022 Give Conference.    “Why is teaching about giving so essential?”  This question has come up at one time or another in every pastor’s tenure. It’s the one topic pastors seem to dread the most–no one likes to talk about […]

7 Digital Steps to Boost Church Engagement

The following is a summary of Dunham + Company’s Chief Social Media and Innovation Strategist Nils Smith’s session from our 2022 Give Conference.  In today’s digital world, the way people discover and engage with churches has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when a large outdoor sign is all it takes to attract guests. Simply […]

6 Ways to Enhance Your Offering Moment

Are you making the most out of your offering moment? Many pastors shy away from talking about money and generosity. Which is understandable. Not only can it be an uncomfortable conversation but you’re likely to get some people in your church who disagree with you or voice different opinions. But it’s an important conversation to […]

How to Maximize your Easter Offering

Easter Sunday. Hands down it’s your most attended Sunday of the year. Not only does this present one of the greatest opportunities your church will have throughout the year to share the Gospel with non-believers, but this also lends the potential of a generous offering. By now, your Easter service planning is in the works. […]

How Your Church Website is Impacting Your Easter Attendance

According to Google Trends, more people search for “church” around Easter than any other time of the year. This statistic has proven true year after year since 2004 (the farthest back Google Trends reports). So now you’re probably thinking, this information sounds important but what exactly does it mean? Why should I care about Google […]