25 Bible Verses about Helping Others

Our world is hurting more than ever. We can see it everywhere- on front pages, during the nightly news, across social media, and through casual conversations. The impact from the pandemic, tension in the Middle East, and everyday burdens are wearing on us all. So how do you provide a beacon of light in the […]

The Power of Christian Community

I made a decision to be a follower of Christ at the tender age of seven, almost three decades ago now.  Decades that translate to so many seasons I’ve spent discovering His goodness, seeing my life transformed into His likeness.  So many years to watch how He works, tracing the patterns of His grace through […]

3 Reasons Why Kids’ Ministry Matters

If you were anything like me, you thought that Children’s Ministry was important to the church, but maybe not as important as other ministries. That was until my Executive Pastor asked me to take over our Kids’ Ministry. I quickly realized that this unique ministry had more potential and power than I could have ever […]

Living A Life of Faith

As people in ministry, faith seems like something we would automatically understand. But often times this is the thing we just assume we have a grasp on and sweep over. If you just hop on the internet for a scripture search for faith, one of the top responses you’ll get is Hebrews 11:1, which says, […]