How to Prepare Your Church Budget for Expense Increases

“This doesn’t look right,” thought Pastor Jared. Jared had been the pastor of his church for five years. Over those five years, the church usually found itself in a financially healthy position. But as he looked at the mid-year financials, he didn’t like what he saw. The church’s tithes and generosity were on pace with […]

7 Ways to Prepare Your Staff for Inflation’s Impact

Everyone seems to be talking about inflation. Turn on the news—they’re talking about inflation. Listen to a podcast—they’re talking about inflation. Check your social media accounts—they’re talking about inflation. Check out the most recent SecureGive article—it’s about inflation.  Why is everyone talking about the rise in prices? Because it impacts everyone. Everyone feels the effects […]

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Give Conference

This October, in beautiful Augusta, GA, SecureGive will be hosting our annual conference, tastefully adorned as Give Conference. Give Conference is a time for pastors and church leaders to enter a space where generosity will be explored and celebrated. Where leaders will be equipped with the practical, all the while experiencing a special time in […]

11 Characteristics of Sacrificially Generous People

Do you know someone who is sacrificially generous, someone who forgoes want, or even need, for the sake of giving? How would you characterize them? If you consider those who are sacrificially generous, you may notice some common characteristics. Though they may have different backgrounds, incomes, and standards of living, they often share some similarities. […]

How to Maximize your Easter Offering

Easter Sunday. Hands down it’s your most attended Sunday of the year. Not only does this present one of the greatest opportunities your church will have throughout the year to share the Gospel with non-believers, but this also lends the potential of a generous offering. By now, your Easter service planning is in the works. […]