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Cryptocurrency Giving

The landscape of church giving continues to evolve, and we're excited to usher in the next generation of giving. Introducing Cryptocurrency Giving in SecureGive.


How can crypto help your church?

Cryptocurrency has proven it is here to stay. People in your church have likely built significant wealth in crypto, and many are looking for opportunities to give some away. Is your church prepared for it?

20% of Population has Crypto

1 in 5 people in America owns cryptocurrency, and that number is growing. There is opportunity for crypto donations in almost every church in the country.

$36,000 Average Gift

In 2021, the average cryptocurrency gift size was $36,000, or roughly 1.7 Bitcoin.

1% of Crypto Owners Can Give $100K

There's more money than you may think in cryptocurrency. People are going to give it somewhere. We believe it should be to your church.

Ready to accept crypto?

Getting started with Cryptocurrency Giving in SecureGive is easy.

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Getting started with Cryptocurrency Giving is incredibly fast. Simply send us an email or schedule a call and start accepting crypto within 24 hours.

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Cryptocurrency Giving is part of the 7-platform, fully integrated SecureGive system. Schedule a demo to see how the SecureGive system can help your church.

FAQs About Cryptocurrency Giving in SecureGive

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When a cryptocurrency gift is received, it is immediately converted to US dollars based on the exchange rate in that moment. Funds are sent to your church in US dollars via check the first week of each month, and will contain all the gifts from the previous month.

The cost for Cryptocurrency Giving includes a $50 monthly subscription (limited time price if you add Cryptocurrency Giving by the end of the year) and 4% per transaction.

The great thing about Cryptocurrency Giving in SecureGive is that you’re able to track and manage it all right along side the rest of your digital giving in SecureGive. Crypto transactions are incldued in your analytics and your transaction reports.

Yes, cryptocurrency gifts will be included on giving statements issued through SecureGive.