Frequently Asked Questions

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Nothing! We hope your organization is receiving cash and check donations for many years to come. But if that is all you are receiving, then you are probably missing out on untold amounts of revenue.

We make every effort to equip organizations with valuable tools at very affordable prices. Our monthly service fee is one of the most cost-efficient of service providers in the nation. This fee includes software licenses, hosting fees and countless other benefits that we'll customize to your specific organization.

SecureGive will simultaneously generate more revenue through the convenience of our products and save more revenue for your organization based on lower transaction fees. Heres an example...if a person donates $1000 to a charity through the charity's website, the average processing fee (without SecureGive) will be $20, so the charity will only receive $980 of that $1000 donation. That same transaction on a SecureGive donation kiosk with a debit card would cost the charity around $7.50 processing fee and the charity would keep $992.50.

SecureGive accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover.

Electronic giving not only requires hardware and software, but a company to process the actual transaction. Your organization will need a merchant account, but this is one of the many things that we handle for you. We have simplified this process, so that your organization can make a seamless and pleasant transition into the world of electronic giving.

SecureGive's team is here to help your giving platform be a success. Our office hours are 9 am - 6 pm (EST) Monday-Friday and we offer on-call support for nights and weekends including Sundays.

Our staff will provide you with the materials you need to get the word out in your church about your new giving system.

SecureGive is a month-to-month contract. The contract with our merchant provider is 1 year with a buy out option if needed.

After the initial equipment deposit of 50% we offer a payment plan for the remaining balance ranging from 2-6 months.

Kiosk warranties are as follows Table-Top Kiosk - 3 years. Metrolite & Boston - 1 year (Option to extend to 3 years) iPad Kiosk - 1 year (You can add Apple Care for the iPad to extend it to 3 years)

Our iPad kiosk require minimal assembly, all other kiosks come assembled. Simply plug the kiosk in and connect your organizations WiFi or Ethernet hard line.

The application runs on a Microsoft Windows operating system. Each location must have a hard-wired broadband connection to the Internet. The system will work on a wireless network, but hardwired is preferred for consistency.

If a person already has an account in our software, it takes about 15 seconds to make a donation. If they are using it for the first time, it takes about two minutes to set up the profile and make a donation.

We can customize our software to accept credit and debit cards based on your specifications (Online, Mobile Giving Only). We cannot, however, set to debit only.

Our software allows a donor to share their activity (joining a group, volunteering, fundraising) via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

Every transaction will immediately be transmitted to your organization for your own record keeping and the donor will immediately receive a paper receipt for kiosk transactions or a printable receipt for online transactions. An emailed receipt will also be sent. These receipts contain all the information necessary to meet IRS requirements for itemized tax deductions.

SecureGive does allow the option for anonymous donations. However, anonymous donors are not able to give via text, setup a recurring donation or save payment information.

With our software, you can completely customize the look of your giving. Change the colors, upload your logo, manage donation and payment categories, set up groups, etc. Once you make a change, it will reflect in real time on your giving services.

Transactions can be seen in real time. Our admin page allows your staff to pull custom reports. We have export files to many church management systems. Contact us for more details.

The kiosk does not require a log in password because a donation cannot be made unless you swipe a card. The online and mobile services do require a password since you can view and update your billing information and access transaction history.

SecureGive has contracted with McAfee Secure to run daily scans of the SecureGive servers and to alert us of any vulnerability in the system. The SecureGive software is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and our payment gateway software is PCI certified with 256-bit encryption.

Our team will have access to the donor data, but we do not store credit card information. We do not reserve the right to communicate or contact any of the donors within our system.