How to Create a Generosity Rhythm

Do you feel like a broken record when you talk about giving? You say the same thing week after week and see the same response – or lack thereof. Or maybe you hesitate even to touch the subject. After all, nobody wants to come across as a money-hungry preacher. Generosity is vital not only to […]

Aligning Vision and Mission with Karihub

Drew Landrum, VP of Client Success-SecureGive, and Jeremy Brown, Founder/CEO of Karihub, have a long-form conversation about the importance of having zeroed in vision and the importance of knowing your specific calling within your community. Jeremy runs a large-scale consulting firm for churches, primarily focusing on internal system efficiencies. This webinar is a must see […]

Freed Up: A Resource You Need for Your Church

There are more scriptures in the Bible about money than there are about prayer and faith combined. Yet relatively few Christians manage their money with Biblical wisdom. FreedUp is a 6 week app based stewardship program for the whole congregation and will help churches equip their members to take next steps in Biblical stewardship, regardless […]

Building a Stewardship Mindset

We know that you want to help your church’s congregants and staff be faithful and generous stewards. In this new webinar, Lauren interviews author and financial advisor Marcus Hall on his brand new book endorsed by Ron Blue, “Spiritual Wealth: A 40-Day Journey to Developing a Stewardship Mindset.”

Engaging Online Givers This Summer

The summer slowdown is approaching. We know that as attendance decreases, the total number of gifts made during a church service drops too. If that weren’t enough, as families plan summer activities, paying for vacations and camps take priority over giving. This is not God’s design for God’s people. You need to engage online givers […]

Successfully Following Up With First-Time Givers

Church leaders, many of you want help crafting emails that meaningfully connect with your first-time givers beyond just one communication piece. Well, good news! We’re here to help. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Our new webinar and free guide give you everything you need to successfully follow up with first-time […]

Writing Emails That Increase Giving Participation

40% of all church leaders need help crafting emails to increase their giving participation. But, writing emails to your church’s givers shouldn’t be overwhelming or time consuming. Learn a simple step by step process for how to write an email that increases giving participation! In 30 minutes, learn from Lauren how to craft a meaningful, […]

3 Keys for Lasting Financial Health

2020 has been anything but normal for church leaders. The pandemic turned plans upside down leaving so many of us feeling stuck. Thousands of churches currently struggle to track finances and build budgets, engage members and grow generosity, and plan for building renovations or expansions. You’re not alone. And the good news is all of […]