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7 Ways to Leverage Your Giving Kiosk this Year End

Giving Kiosks are important to increasing generosity in your church.

SecureGive is the expert on Giving Kiosks. Why? Because we were the first to create a Giving Kiosk specifically designed for churches. We’ve spent the last 17 years perfecting the design and establishing best practices for your Giving Kiosk to increase generosity. We’ve evolved from a simple kiosk machine to a robust, secure, comprehensive giving system that now offers 5 ways to give (Online, Mobile, Text to Give, Giving Kiosks, and Check Scanning). For which we give all the glory to God.

Since our founding, we’ve seen Giving Kiosk used in a variety of ways in a variety of churches. Some receive the majority of their donations through Giving Kiosks and others that are questioning whether or not Giving Kiosks are becoming outdated.

Giving Kiosks can be a game changer for your church. Not only will they increase giving numbers but they can be a tool to help you cultivate a culture of generosity in your church.

Here are 7 ways Giving Kiosks can open up new opportunities for giving growth in your church.

1. Giving Kiosks are the preferred way for first-time givers.

To this day, Giving Kiosks are still the preferred way for first-time givers to donate.

By now, we all understand the need for digital giving. Hardly anyone regularly carries cash or checks with them yet people still have a strong desire to give. So, what do you do? You meet them in the middle. Giving Kiosks are a great way to do just that.

No account set up is needed. There are no gimmicks and having a present card swipe makes giving fast and easy with no need for manual entry of information.

2. Giving Kiosks serve as a reminder to give.

So you know you have something important to do today. What do you do to keep yourself from forgetting that important item?

There are all all sorts of tips and tricks to help with this- from putting your watch on the other wrist to sticky notes to reminders in your phone. But with how busy the day gets and how many distractions arise, even with these tips and tricks it can be hard to remember it all.

So, what is the most successful way for the majority of people to remember the important tasks on their to do list? Consistent visual reminders. And that’s exactly what a Giving Kiosk does.

By placing your Giving Kiosk in your church lobby, atrium, or next to the information desk, you are providing people with a visual reminder to give. A reminder on their way in, while they’re greeting others after service, and before they leave.

3. Giving Kiosks are the perfect way to sell merchandise.

Do you have some new t-shirts coming to your church store soon? Selling tickets to a caroling event? Or are you selling Christmas trees to your local community?

SecureGive Kiosks make it easy for attendees to make purchases. You can add in as many purchase categories as you need for all the items you’re selling. You can even add in fixed amounts to make transactions even easier for people.

SecureGive software allows you to keep donations and purchases completely separate. You can still see all of your transaction details in one place, the admin dashboard, but donations and purchases will be recorded separately.

4. Giving Kiosks offer the lowest transaction fees.

Do you know what your church is currently paying in transaction fees?

We all know that there are fees associated with electronic transactions. These fees typically range from 2.35% upwards to 6%. Percentages that can add up quickly and can take much needed money away from your ministry.

SecureGive works hard to keep our processing fees the lowest on the market (averaging less than 2% per transaction). That’s especially true in regards to our Giving Kiosks.

A Giving Kiosk helps reduce some of those fees. Here’s how. When electronic donations are given through the internet, banks refer to these gifts as “card not present” transactions. The processing institutions are at a greater financial risk when a bank card is not present, so they charge higher rates in these cases. With a card present transaction- which is only possible when swiping a card at a kiosk- fees are as low as 1.5%.

5.Giving Kiosks are SECURE.

We’ve all heard about some big data breach from a top tech company we think has the utmost security. A place where we think our information and privacy will be protected. And if you’ve been a victim of it personally, you think twice about putting in your card information online. You may even avoid certain companies because you don’t trust them anymore.

SecureGive has never had a data breach in the entire time we’ve been a company- and that’s over 17 years. Our software is monitored to ensure your information stays safe and protected. When your church member swipes a card at a Giving Kiosk, you can rest assured that all card and personal data is fully encrypted.

6. Giving Kiosks can support local church initiatives and offerings.

What is your year-end initiative? Are you collecting funds for a specific reason? Maybe it’s to fund a new church plant, to support missions overseas or to give back to your local community.

You want your donors to be able to give to this specific initiative but also give their regular tithes and offerings to the church. With multiple donation categories in SecureGive, your givers can do just that. And all in one transaction.

With multiple donation categories, your givers can give their regular tithes and offerings, donate to your Christmas offering and support mission efforts all in one transaction. And, they’ll still receive an itemized receipt to fully track their giving.

7. Giving Kiosks strengthen giving in the moment.

God often prompts us to do things when we least expect it. As church leaders, we can all attest that this is true. But is your church prepared to accept donations anytime and anywhere the Lord prompts someone to give?

Whether the words in your sermon inspired someone to embrace generosity or you issued a compelling giving challenge or a powerful worship moment softened the heart of an attendee, you need to be ready for whenever God calls your church to give. A Giving Kiosk is the perfect way to do that.

Be prepared for anyone to give in the moment with a SecureGive Giving Kiosk.


Kiosks are still a popular and preferred giving platform. Leverage the features above to encourage generosity this year end and see participation grow.

Want to update your SecureGive Giving Kiosk or have questions? Contact our team at success@securegive.com or 855-895-88951.


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