The Proven Way to Grow Your Giving

So you want to grow your church’s giving?

Of course you do. This is something church leaders are working to achieve all the time. You’re dreaming of all the life-changing work your church could accomplish with a fully-funded ministry. And your dreams for reaching your community are glorious and grand. But how do you get there? How does your ministry become fully funded?

Good news, there is a proven way to accomplish this. We’ve seen it happen for thousands of churches. There are three S’s that will get you there: software, strategy, and stewardship.

Yes, each one of these will increase giving to you church. But when effectively used together, your church will achieve sustainable giving growth that will lead to a fully-funded ministry and expanded outreach. So let’s take a quick look at how each of the three S’s play a crucial role in significantly and exponentially increasing your church’s giving.


Why is software important to your church?

It adds convenience. Needing digital giving is pretty much given in churches today. Almost nobody carries cash or checks anymore. But, when we’re talking about making giving convenient for your congregation, there’s a little more to it than just slapping a “give now” button on your website.

Everyone has a different preference for the type of technology they use. We got a good glimpse of this during the pandemic when everything shifted to digital use. Zoom became the “next big thing” for staff meetings and conference calls. Something I noticed with my colleagues is that we all joined the same Zoom meeting but from a different device. Haley joined using her laptop. While Greg hopped on the call on his phone. And Nicole joined through her iPad.

The same goes for digital giving. You’ll have some who prefer to give online, others who want to use their phone for text-to-give, a handful will want to give using a mobile app, and a certain group will feel most comfortable swiping their card at the kiosk in your lobby. They all accomplish the same thing – giving to your church – but they do it in a way that they personally feel most comfortable. And because of this, comprehensive giving (giving people multiple options for how to give digitally) is an integral part of increasing your church’s giving. When you have a comprehensive system, giving becomes convenient for everyone.


Growing your giving doesn’t happen overnight. It takes planning and consistent work.

How do you talk about giving in your church? How do you get buy in from your church when you implement a new giving platform? How do you prepare for the summer giving slump and the influx of year end giving?

These are situations that you can be prepared for with a well thought out giving strategy. It takes strategically planning everything from donor engagement to communication to capital campaigns to completing yearly rate reviews for card processing fees.

As a church leader, you’ve got a lot on your plate as it is and figuring out all of these things can feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark. That’s why SecureGive walks alongside churches to build the custom strategy that will work for them.

The right strategy is crucial to strong giving adoption and increasing your overall giving. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming to create it.


Generosity begins in hearts, not wallets.

Sustainable, growing generosity requires more than tactics to get people to give in the moment. Making it easy to give in the moment is important, your congregation needs to understand what it means to honor God with their fiances

This is where real generosity will explode.

It’s not a quick weekend fix to a drop in giving. It’s the long game. But it will unlock generosity like you’ve never imagined.

Where do you start with this? It starts with clearly teaching the “why” behind giving. And this starts with scripture. God, through His Word, calls us all to faithfully steward (manage) all that He has given us. This means we give generously. The Word of God has power. Share it with your congregation, help them understand it, and watch it work.

But, that’s just the starting point. Incorporating a strong stewardship focus in your church can also mean preaching sermons and series around the topic, creating opportunities to help your congregation get out of debt, creating a strategy for communicating with your givers, and much more.

This can feel like a monstrous task. And if you’re left on your own to do it, it could be. When you have a partner to help you identify the unique needs in your church and build a plan, that mountain can suddenly look alot more like a molehill.

We know this is crucial to the long-term growth in giving that every church needs. Any giving plan without it is just putting bandaids on the bigger issues. This is why SecureGive makes it a priority to help churches create true stewardship that leads to lasting generosity.


There are three key factors to truly see a sustainable increase in your church giving. With the right software, a proven success strategy, and a stewardship focus within your church, you will be amazed at what can happen.

Ministries become funded, needs are met, and people draw closer to Jesus.

Software, strategy, and stewardship comprise the proven and guaranteed solution to increase your church’s giving. Let’s implement it in your church.


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