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Give Conference Speaker Spotlight: H.B. Charles, Jr.

Building a generous church is hard. It may even feel impossible at times. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And we want to help.

SecureGive is hosting a conference this fall specifically designed to equip pastors with the resources, connections, and tools they need to build a generous church. Give Conference is an opportunity for you to connect with other pastors that are like you and learn from leaders who have been where you’ve been.

We are excited to announce that H.B. Charles, Jr. from Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida will be speaking at Give Conference. Pastor Charles will be challenging and encouraging all of us on the topic of Teaching Generosity From the Pulpit.

We had the chance to sit down with him this week to get a few early pieces of advice on effectively teaching generosity from the pulpit.

What is some advice you would share with another pastor on how to effectively teach biblical generosity from the pulpit?

Stewardship is discipleship. To follow Jesus is to submit to his authority in every sphere of life, including your finances. Therefore, pastors must teach their members to live generously.

The Bible is filled with financial stewardship principles, practices, and promises. Teach the scriptures clearly, carefully, and confidently. On the authority of God’s word, challenge your people to live with open hands.

We all know everyone has different opinions, especially when it comes to generosity. How do you respond and cope with negative comments?

I strive to be stubbornly biblical in my pulpit ministry.

From week to week, I work to preach text-driven messages with faithfulness, clarity, and passion. In my preaching schedule, there are select times when I preach on financial stewardship and generosity. I do so without anxiety or apology. The scriptures that govern what I say about every other subject continue to set the agenda when I address money matters.

I trust that if my people trust my integrity as I preach on salvation, sanctification, service, or suffering, they will also do so as I preach on stewardship.

What are you hoping that church leaders take away from the Give Conference?

I pray the attendees will leave the Give Conference challenged and encouraged to lead their congregations toward faithful stewardship. I also trust church leaders will leave with practical tools to promote generosity in their local church – including the SecureGive platforms.



This just scratches the surface of the insight from some incredible pastors and leaders that you’ll have the opportunity to learn from at Give Conference. They’ve been where you’ve been and know how to get where you want to go.

Ready to learn more? Join us at Give Conference to hear more from H.B. on ways to teach generosity from the pulpit. To find out more information about the conference, visit giveconference.com or send an email to info@giveconference.com.


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