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5 Things Your Giving Strategy is Missing

There aren’t enough people giving to your church.

It’s a problem church after church experience. It leads to strained budgets, limited ministry, and a whole lot of stress.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. This ebook will walk you through the five essential elements to a church giving strategy that gets results. Your giving will grow, ministry will be funded, and your church will be able to meet more needs.

In this ebook you'll discover...

5 Keys to Increase Overall Giving in Your Church

Giving doesn't grow by accident. We'll cover the 5 essential elements to a giving strategy that actually works.

How to Get Better Value For the Money You Spend

You should never sacrifice on quality, but you also shouldn't sacrifice cost. And you don't have to.

Ways to Gain New and More Consistent Givers

We'll cover a proven system that not only engages new givers for your church but also increases the consistency of your current givers.