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A Tale of Two Churches: Building Generosity in Any Season

Some churches have been financially stable in the COVID-19 season while others have feared having to close indefinitely. What are the differences that led to these two extreme realities? How are some churches thriving while others are barely scraping by?

In this free ebook we take a look at how your church can build generosity in any season, to achieve financial stability in even the worst season.

In this ebook you'll discover...

Factors that Differentiate Churches

The present financial state of our individual churches is tied directly to our practices in the past. We'll look at some of the factors that impact this.

Issues That Led to Your Current Situation

We identify the core issues that lead to financial tension in local churches in the midst of crisis.

How to Build a Culture Of Generosity Right Now

There are obstacles to overcome to build generosity, but this resource will provide practical steps to do that.

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