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Church Giving and Social Distancing

We’re all in uncharted territory. In a matter of weeks the way we approached church was radically overhauled. How do you maintain or build strong giving in the midst of social distancing?

There are keys to keep giving strong in a digital only church that also carry over as you launch in person gatherings again. Download your free copy to discover 9 keys to keep giving strong.

In this ebook you'll discover...

Biblical and Practical Communication

Strong communication is crucial to building giving engagement. We'll cover Biblical and practical ways to teach the importance of giving.

How to Create an Effective Online Giving Strategy

COVID has shown that online church is here to stay. Your giving strategy should capitalize on that.

Ways to Keep Your Congregation Connected to Your Church and Each Other

The people in your church need to connect now more than ever. Learn creative ways to building community in digital environments.

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