How SecureGive Saves Money for Your Church

It's all about the transaction processing rates. Our goal is to grow your church's giving. We don't have shareholders to please, just churches to serve. By keeping your transaction rates as low as possible, more money goes directly to the ministry of your church. With a low monthly subscription cost, the lowest transaction rates, and premium giving software, your church will increase giving while saving money.

Too many churches are losing thousands of dollars every year to high digital giving costs.

Your church could be losing thousands of dollars every year and not even know it. You're not alone. It's more common than you may think.

Give us 90 seconds and watch this quick video to explain how churches are losing thousands of dollars and how SecureGive can help.

"Free" Doesn't Really Mean Free

Paying thousands more in transaction rates means thousands less are going towards ministry. High transaction rates are how the "free" software actually costs your church more. In fact, take a look at the typical annual cost for a church that receives $1 million dollars in donations each year and see how much SecureGive saves them compared to the "free" software.


Average rate: 1.9%


$8,212 in savings

"Free" Software

Average rate: 2.9%


$8,212 lost

You shouldn’t have to overpay for the best giving solution.

Choose the plan that’s right for you. Whether you’re a church plant or have multiple campuses across multiple states, SecureGive scales to exceed your needs. Not sure which plan to choose or want to see a demo?


Start growing giving with the essentials.


Kiosk Only or Online Only

  • Giving Analytics
  • ChMS Export
  • Spanish
  • Cover Card Fees
  • Premium Stewardship Content
  • SecureGive Success Strategy


  • Everything in Basic +
  • ACH/eCheck
  • ChMS Integration
  • Stewardship Coaching
    *Extra Costs Apply


The ultimate giving tools for large and multi-site churches.



  • Everything in Enhanced +
  • Up to 5 Campuses
  • Separate Branding by Campus
  • Separate Categories by Campus
  • Separate Admins by Campus
  • Dedicated Success Manager

All plans include:

  • The lowest rates in the market averaging 2% + 30¢ - Learn More
  • World class customer service and support.
  • Up to 2,000 transactions per month.

Enterprise Plans

The SecureGive system scales to meet the needs of the largest churches in the country. With SecureGive Enterprise, you can build a custom plan that leverages Enterprise specific features like:

  • AWS Server Auto Scaling
  • Unlimited Campuses
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Custom Text to Give Short Code
  • Separate Bank Accounts Per Campus

Rate Reviews

Could you be losing thousands of dollars in processing rates?

Most churches don’t know a lot about processing rates, but they have a huge impact on how much of a donation you actually receive. SecureGive offers free rate reviews so you can make sure the most money goes directly to your ministry.

Compare our plans

Platforms Included
Mobile App
Text To Give
Kiosk Price
Check Scanning
Features Included
Donations and Payments
Recurring Gifts and Payments
Enterprise Grade Security
ChMS Export File
Cover Card Fees
Give to Multiple Categories
Expert Support
Premium Stewardship Resources
SecureGive Success Strategy
Custom Branding
Custom Email Messaging
ChMS Integration
Stewardship Coaching (extra cost may apply)
Separate Branding by Campus
Separate Categories by Campus
Separate Admins by Campus
Dedicated Success Manager
Multiple Campuses
up to 5
Separate Bank Account Per Campus
Custom Short Code
Monthly Transaction Count
up to 2,000
up to 2,000
up to 2,000
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There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right giving plan. Our team of expert Giving Consultants has helped thousands of churches find the right plan to guarantee giving growth. Schedule your call now. No pressure. No gimmicks. Just advice from the experts.