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Card present transactions

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The lowest transaction cost


Perfect for selling merchandise

Proven to Engage More First-Time Givers

Giving Kiosks from SecureGive are fast and easy to use. With no account setup required, kiosks provide a quick way to give for anyone at your church. Because of their ease of use, and because donors don’t have to go to a website or download anything to use them, Giving Kiosks are proven to be the most used giving platform for first-time givers.

Card-Present Transactions

Card-present transactions (transactions where a donor swipes their card rather than typing in the information) allow for faster, simpler giving. With Giving Kiosks from SecureGive, donors can quickly enter amounts to one or multiple categories, swipe their card, and receive a receipt via email. No cumbersome typing of card numbers while a line of people wait.

The Merchandise Selling Solution

SecureGive Kiosks simplify selling merchandise, like t-shirts, coffee mugs, or anything else. In addition, you can also utilize your kiosk to take payments for your preschool’s monthly tuition. With SecureGive, your administrative team can manage tax deductible gifts and non-tax deductible purchases all in one place.

See how Stevens Creek has utilized their SecureGive Kiosks to simplify selling merchandise in their church.


Cover the Fees

SecureGive features the lowest transaction fees out there. We work hard to keep rates as low as possible to make sure more money goes straight to your ministry. And, with SecureGive’s Donor Offset Fees feature, your donors have the option to cover the small transaction fees for your church.

Donor Offset Fees can effectively take your church’s transaction cost from a low fee down to no fee. You might be surprised how many in your congregation are happy to cover the small transaction fee when given the opportunity.

Giving in Spanish

Language shouldn't be a barrier to giving. Our churches often have resources, worship services, or maybe even an entire congregation for those who primarily speak Spanish. Why not offer the ability to give in Spanish?

With full translation at the click of a button, SecureGive Online Giving is easy for every person in your church no matter their language. And management is kept simple for your administrative team too. No matter which language the donor uses, you can still manage all donations and purchases made to your church from one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Increase giving while saving money.

The tools to make giving and management easy with low transaction fees that will save your church thousands.

SecureGive Kiosk Standard

Administrative Tools that Save Your Church Time

Too often church leaders have to choose between software that’s user-friendly or software that’s robust and feature-rich. With SecureGive, you can have both.

Analytics Dashboard

SecureGive’s innovative analytics dashboard makes it easy for you to gain deep insights into your church’s giving at a glance. Quickly view trends in weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom date ranges.

Detailed Transaction Management

Drill down to individual member giving history, view donations by category, issues refunds, and so much more. With SecureGive, it's easy to see the big picture giving trends while also making detailed transaction management simple.

Manage Giving, Payments, and Campaigns in One Place

SecureGive makes it easy to keep giving, purchases and payments, and capital campaigns all in one system. Whether your church has one location or multiple campuses, contribution management is simple and all in one place.

Multiple Categories, One Transaction

Giving to multiple categories in one transaction simplifies giving while keeping transaction costs as low as possible.

If it requires two transactions to give to two different categories, there’s a strong chance it won’t happen. SecureGive enables your donors to give to multiple categories at once. This means they can give their tithes and offerings, support your food bank, and give towards the building fund all in a single transaction. This makes giving easier for your congregation while encouraging them to give to more areas of your ministry.

This saves money for your church too. One transaction means only one transaction fee. This is another way we try to keep more money going straight to your ministry.

Same Day Support

SecureGive is here when your church needs us.

Your church shouldn’t have to wait days to get a response when you have a question or run into a problem. SecureGive provides industry-leading support to our clients. Whether you send an email or give us a call, you’ll hear back from us that same day.*

When your church starts using SecureGive, our team will train your staff so you get the most out of the Online Giving system. To help you go even further, you’ll have access to the SecureGive Client Success Team to build a custom strategy to maximize SecureGive in your church.

*Most calls and emails are returned same day during weekday business hours. Emergencies are handled as needed after hours and on weekends.

Integrate With Your Church Management System

Syncing your online giving with your church management system (ChMS) is seamless. SecureGive provides automated transaction downloads into the most popular management systems. If your church uses a ChMS that is not automated, the process is still quick and easy with CSV downloads that you can import directly into your system.

Featured Integrations

SecureGive syncs with over 20 management systems to streamline your workflow and save countless hours every week. Here are a few of the most popular SecureGive integrations used by churches:

Planning Center
Rock RMS

Increase giving while saving money.

The tools to make giving and management easy with low transaction fees that will save your church thousands.

SecureGive Kiosk Standard

Kiosk Hardware

SecureGive offers 3 different types of kiosks to fit the needs and budget of every ministry. Pair most models with custom graphic panels to seamlessly match the branding of your church.

iPad Series

Most Popular Model at $1295

Standard Series Kiosk

The iPad Series kiosks are available in freestanding, countertop, and wall mountable models. iPad kiosks are easily portable while still offering the same great, secure transaction process.

Countertop Series

Most Popular Model at $2195

Pro Series Kiosk

The Countertop Series feature commercial grade hardware while still offering an intuitive and easy transaction process. These are great for high-traffic areas with heavy use and are available with receipt printers.

Freestanding Series

Most Popular Model at $4795

Enterprise Series Kiosk

The Freestanding Series are custom built to order from steel and commercial grade hardware. They are easily noticed, making them a perfect fit for high-traffic lobby areas and are available with receipt printers.

To order your kiosk or learn more, talk with one of our expert Giving Consultants.

The SecureGive System

7 platforms that seamlessly integrate for the ultimate giving experience

Enable giving from any device, any time.

Online Giving

As long as you have a web browser, you can give through SecureGive’s Online Giving. Whether on a computer, phone, or tablet, making a donation, a purchase, or giving tithes and offerings is quick and easy. Learn more about Online Giving from SecureGive.

Give in the moment.

Giving Kiosks

Giving Kiosks are proven to attract first-time givers more than any other platform. Kiosks provide a quick and easy way to give in the moment with the swipe of a card. As an added bonus, card-present kiosks offer the lowest processing rates of any transaction out there. Learn more about SecureGive Giving Kiosks.

Give in seconds by sending a text.

Text to Give

Text to Give is the fastest way to give, period. Just send a text with the keyword and amount (ex. Give 100) and then reply “y” to confirm the transaction. You can choose a 10 digit phone number that’s unique to your church. Learn more about Text to Give from SecureGive.

The giving app your church will actually use.

Mobile App Giving

SecureGive Mobile offers a fully in-app giving experience complete with Apple Pay. Donors can give their tithes and offerings, make a purchase, and manage their account right from an app native to their phone. Learn more about Mobile App Giving from SecureGive.

Fast deposits and simplified records.

Check Scanning

Accepting checks doesn’t have to mean extra administrative hours. With SecureGive’s Check Scanning, simply scan the check and the transaction will be recorded in SecureGive and automatically deposited straight to your bank.

Fundraising made simple.


Whether funding your building project or planning your annual budget, SecureGive Campaigns make it easy for donors to pledge and give while providing you with intuitive administrative tools for in-depth progress tracking.

Cryptocurrency Giving
Open the door to new levels of generosity.


SecureGive makes it easy to give over 90 types of crypto to your church. With Cryptocurrency Giving, your pastors, church staff, and finance teams don’t need experience with crypto for you to benefit from crypto gifts. Donors give in crypto, and your church receives it as US dollars. You can keep all of your giving in a single platform with SecureGive.

How is SecureGive different?

When giving is easy for everyone, it grows. Your congregation is made up of a diverse group of people. That means they will naturally prefer to give their tithes and offerings in different ways. Whether each individual prefers to donate from their computer, on their phone, through a text message, by swiping their card at a kiosk, or by dropping off cash or a check, it can easily be done through SecureGive. Giving should be easy for everyone. With SecureGive, it can be.



Giving Analytics

  • Get an overview at a glance
  • Filter and customize reports
  • Gain deeper understanding of giving trends

Enterprise Security

  • Keep your donor information safe
  • Industry leading security
  • 99.999% system uptime

Giving Statements

  • Automatically send statements
  • Customizable text and time frames
  • Branded for your church


  • Sync transactions to your ChMS
  • Simplify and consolidate reporting
  • Save administrative time

Cover the Fees

  • Enable donors to cover fees
  • More money goes to your ministry
  • Your costs kept even lower


  • Designate funds by campus
  • Custom branding by campus
  • Deposit to separate bank accounts


  • Remove the language barrier
  • Easy to switch between languages
  • Set default language on kiosks

Custom Branding

  • Use your logo and colors
  • Customize the action buttons
  • Customize each campus

Cash Gift Entry

  • Record cash transactions
  • Consolidate financial reporting
  • Manage gifts for your donors

FAQs About Online Giving

Don't see the answer to your question?

SecureGive Giving Kiosks offer a fully card present transaction. Your congregation can simply swipe a card rather than having to type in long card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes. This is one of the reasons SecureGive Giving Kiosks are the preferred method of giving for first-time givers.

SecureGive offers three series of kiosks, each with their own advantages. Whether you need the portability of the iPad Series, the commercial-grade durability of the Countertop Series, or the best of both worlds in the Freestanding Series, our team can help you find the best solution for your church.

SecureGive Giving Kiosks have been proven over the years to be the giving method of choice for first-time givers. The card present transaction makes them easy to use, the minimal typing keeps transactions fast, and their presence in your church also serves as a visual reminder to give. For most churches, this results in an increase in giving. However, any giving solution requires implementing it well. With SecureGive, our Client Success team will work alongside you to ensure strong implementation and adoption in your church.

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