How to Cultivate Generosity in Your Church

The following is a summary of Right Direction Church International senior pastor Herbert Bailey’s session from our 2022 Give Conference.    Generosity isn’t just about the Sunday offering. It’s a principle modeled through Scripture. Yet, despite countless verses and teachings on the topic, cultivating generosity is one of the greatest challenges church leaders face today. […]

7 Ways to Prepare Your Staff for Inflation’s Impact

Everyone seems to be talking about inflation. Turn on the news—they’re talking about inflation. Listen to a podcast—they’re talking about inflation. Check your social media accounts—they’re talking about inflation. Check out the most recent SecureGive article—it’s about inflation.  Why is everyone talking about the rise in prices? Because it impacts everyone. Everyone feels the effects […]

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Give Conference

This October, in beautiful Augusta, GA, SecureGive will be hosting our annual conference, tastefully adorned as Give Conference. Give Conference is a time for pastors and church leaders to enter a space where generosity will be explored and celebrated. Where leaders will be equipped with the practical, all the while experiencing a special time in […]

5 Generosity Lessons from the Good Samaritan

In Luke 10:25-37, an expert in the law presented a question to Jesus. “What must I do to inherit eternal life? (Luke 10:25, NIV)” Jesus responded by asking the man what the Law said about eternal life. The man answered, “’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and […]

6 Ways to Enhance Your Offering Moment

Are you making the most out of your offering moment? Many pastors shy away from talking about money and generosity. Which is understandable. Not only can it be an uncomfortable conversation but you’re likely to get some people in your church who disagree with you or voice different opinions. But it’s an important conversation to […]