Year-End Giving Resource Bundle

Year-end giving is crucial to local churches. Whether efforts are focused on meeting annual budgetary needs, launching a new initiative, or expanding ministry outreach, there is a tremendous opportunity to meet needs through year-end giving. But, it’s not only for the financial health of the church. Year-end giving provides a chance to lead your congregation […]

How to Get People Back in Your Church

Church leaders all over the country are wrestling with this question: how do we get people back in our church on Sunday morning? Vaccination numbers are rising and government restrictions are dropping. The tide is turning in the COVID-19 pandemic. Why then does church attendance remain low while restaurants are filling up? Learn 5 simple tactics […]

3 Elements For a Better Easter Offering

So you’ve done it. You’re just wrapping up the final touches on your Easter service. But there’s one piece you’ve overlooked: your giving strategy. Maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to building an effective giving strategy. Or maybe you have planned some before and think they have to be complicated and […]

Guide to End of Year Giving

It’s been a financially tough year for most churches. But, 30% of charitable giving happens in December, so it’s not too late to make up ground. It’s not too late to end 2020 financially strong. Download your free Guide to End of Year Giving to learn how to leverage this season to fund more ministry […]

5 Things Your Giving Strategy is Missing

There aren’t enough people giving to your church. It’s a problem church after church experience. It leads to strained budgets, limited ministry, and a whole lot of stress. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. This ebook will walk you through the five essential elements to a church giving strategy that gets results. Your […]

A Tale of Two Churches: Building Generosity in Any Season

Some churches have been financially stable in the COVID-19 season while others have feared having to close indefinitely. What are the differences that led to these two extreme realities? How are some churches thriving while others are barely scraping by? In this free ebook we take a look at how your church can build generosity […]

Church Giving and Social Distancing

We’re all in uncharted territory. In a matter of weeks the way we approached church was radically overhauled. How do you maintain or build strong giving in the midst of social distancing? There are keys to keep giving strong in a digital only church that also carry over as you launch in person gatherings again. […]

Grow Next Gen Givers

Every generation looks at money and generosity a little differently, and this generational gap is bigger now than ever. How do Millennials and Gen Z view money? Where are they currently spend it? And once you know that, how do you engage them in Biblical generosity in your church? While the Biblical principles remain the […]