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Year-End Giving Resource Bundle

Year-end giving is crucial to local churches. Whether efforts are focused on meeting annual budgetary needs, launching a new initiative, or expanding ministry outreach, there is a tremendous opportunity to meet needs through year-end giving.

But, it’s not only for the financial health of the church. Year-end giving provides a chance to lead your congregation through spiritual growth. At a time of year when charitable giving is at an all time high, it’s a chance to teach the importances of giving to the Lord’s work through the local church.

It warrants significant attention and planning. But, we know your plate is already packed full this holiday season and planning a year-end giving strategy may not be feasible. SecureGive’s Year-End Giving Bundle gives you everything you need to execute on a strategy that will disciple your congregation, increase giving, and help your church end 2021 strong.

This resource will cover...

End of Year Communication Strategy

Planning how you'll communicate about year-end giving the weeks leading up can be daunting. This resource includes a 10 week communication plan you can easily follow and adapt to your church.

Sample Emails You Can Send to Your Congregation

Consistent communication with your congregation is crucial. Included in the resource bundle are emails you can utilize in your year-end giving communication.

Creative Year-End Giving Guide

Learn how you can leverage non-cash gifts like stocks and other income producing contributions that provide long-term funding for your church.

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