Aligning Vision and Mission

With Special Guests

Drew Landrum

VP of Client Success, SecureGive

Jeremy Brown

Founder and CEO of Karihub
Free Webinar

Aligning Vision and Mission with Karihub

Drew Landrum, VP of Client Success-SecureGive, and Jeremy Brown, Founder/CEO of Karihub, have a long-form conversation about the importance of having zeroed in vision and the importance of knowing your specific calling within your community. Jeremy runs a large-scale consulting firm for churches, primarily focusing on internal system efficiencies. This webinar is a must see and will leave you with actionable steps to take towards ensuring you’re always working on the most important areas of your organization.

This webinar will cover...

Business skills a church can implement to grow quickly

A church is not called to run like a business, but learning certain business skills can help a church grow quickly and advance its missions.

How a paradigm shift on money can elevate a church's mission

Many churches are facing financial uncertainty. A church that sees money spent as an investment into mission can maximize cash flow and move forward.

How churches can reach more people within their communities

Businesses that perform well solve problems. A church that learns how to solve its community's problems will be able to reach more people and establish credibility within the community.

Watch the Webinar

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