4-29 BLOG

It’s Important to Be Secure

The other day, I hired a company to come out and clean my air ducts. After a few hours of much needed cleaning, the kind workers wrapped up shop and reminded me that my balance was due. 

So, I scrambled through my belongings and realized I didn’t have my checkbook with me. (I mean really, who carries a checkbook anymore?) I apologetically told him I was stumped as to where it was. To which he replied, “No worries, we take credit cards!” 

Ah, thank goodness. I hand him my card. He then proceeds to scribble every detail from my card onto his invoice. I cringed as I realized this information could easily be transferred to the first dishonest person to come across the invoice. 

So, I asked the man if he had considered getting a card swipe to process all credit card payments. Want to know what he said? His response was- no. He claimed that the card swipe is even less secure than writing down my card information.

Again, I cringed. I didn’t understand how someone would find this to be correct. Truth is, when you’re using a secure system, gifts or payments that are processed with a card swipe are extremely safe. And, more secure than writing out the information.

Just like I was concerned about the security of my card information, your church may be experiencing similar worries about your digital giving. Afterall, we do live in an age where you often hear about a new online scam and bank accounts being hacked.

So how do you successfully introduce your digital giving provider as secure? 

Whether  you’re introducing digital giving to your church for the first time or you’ve had it for years, share with your congregation that you don’t take security lightly. Let people know that you have researched and carefully selected a company that is efficient, easy-to-use, but most of all secure. 

And if you already have digital giving in place, make sure you’re making the most out of your offering moment. Tell your givers about the different ways they can give (online, through a mobile app, at a giving kiosk, through text to give, or traditionally with cash or check.) Let them know that whatever platform they use to participate in giving, their information will be safe and their donations will be used to advance God’s Kingdom. 

Little instances, like mine with the HVAC company, helped to put into perspective why SecureGive works so well with our church. It goes beyond providing convenience to help increase giving. It’s about giving the members a system they can trust will be secure- regardless of the amount of the transaction.  


Are you confident in the security of your digital giving? If you’re not certain of the safety of your donors’ information and the integrity of every transaction, you need to talk to SecureGive. We’d love to talk to you about all the ways that we can help your church grow giving while keeping your donors’ information secure. 



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